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  • Every so often, a new artist surprises in almost every way. Dayme is one of those artists. The New York singer/songwriter is about to release her first album Fusion Sundae, on her own Imperfect Records imprint.

    With influences ranging from The White Stripes to Joan Jett and Tom Petty, Dayme and her band The Kicks are ass-kicking, genre-bending rock n’ rollers, who don’t respect boundaries.

    They’ve been described as everything from rock and retro to punk, funk and blues.

    Dayme has worked with such artists as Jay Z and Enrique Iglesias. Her song-writing style includes catchy hooks and strong melodies.

    She began playing with The Kicks, Erik Rudic, Evan Prettyman and Aaron Jones in 2010.

    Dayme sings in English and Spanish and plans to record some of her hit songs in Spanish in the near future.

    Her up-tempo numbers, like “Sunshine,” definitely stand alone, but her luscious voice on softer numbers impresses even more.

    Raised in Louisiana, she brings a certain frankness to her work which is positively inspiring.

    We spoke to her at rehearsals for her upcoming East Coast tour.

    THE IMPROPER: In the last year or two, we’ve seen more new female artists who perform rock ‘n roll. Grace Potter with her Nocturnals, for one. Tell us about your fascination with that genre and when did it start?

    Dayme: I love rock ‘n roll because it is extremely emotional, sexy and provocative. It allows you to express yourself like no other genre in my eyes. I fell in love with rock ‘n roll at the age of 2, no lie. The guitar was always my best friend. Sweet music to my ears.

    Dayme meets with Race Taylor of New York's WPLJ radio.

    IM: Stevie Nicks is someone you look up to. She’s just such a tremendous artist and has been for decades; what appeals to you about her the most?

    Dayme: Her rasp! She has a sweet but rugged voice. It’s both fragile and strong at the same time.

    IM: You mentioned Joan Jett more than once; it’s got to be her simply righteous attitude that appeals to you, right? Have you met her?

    Dayme: Yes, it’s her attitude and fearless ways. Joan is who she is, whether you like it or not. I’ve met her and what you see is what you get. She is truly genuine in every way. She is also very in control of her sound and who she is… there is no facade.

    IM: You’re PR-man mentioned to us you have an attraction to the art of Kat Von D; tell us what stands out for you there?

    Dayme: She seems so real and not caught up in what the world expects a “lady” to be like. That’s pretty cool to me.

    IM: And, we’re so impressed that you write your own material; when so many artists either don’t or can’t; where does a song begin for you?

    Dayme: The song begins with my state of mind. I write what I feel. What I feel equals melodies and words, and a song is born…

    IM You worked with Jay Z; tell us about that.

    Dayme: Jay-Z was easy to work with. He was chill, but super present and he knows what he likes.

    IM: You also have a fashion-design background; obviously great for show biz. Tell us a bit about that?

    Dayme: I have my own leather handbag line called babee d. I have sold it on HSN and, Nordstrom, Fred Segal, among other shops. I also designed other lines- for Roca Wear and Pepe Jeans.

    IM: Your forthcoming album Fusion Sundae , that’s a great title. Tell us where the inspiration or the album came from?

    Dayme: My life! All the experiences that one endures throughout the course of their daily life, bitter, sweet, smooth and, bumpy. That’s my Fusion Sundae! Also, it allows me to mix different genres together depending on the experience but my key ingredient is the ice cream. My rock ‘n roll foundation!

    IM: Tell us about some of the other tracks on the CD.

    Dayme: “Go Ahead & Stare” is a very special song because it’s about self acceptance and self celebration. I often have kids tell me that they blast this song and it actually empowers them while dealing with the “bullies” of the world. I know firsthand because I always stood out; being the rocker chic when that was not the popular thing to be.

    My songs range from rage, to sex, to the hopefulness of love. The songs fuse all types of sounds like crazy hip-hop beats with raging guitars for songs like “This is Who I AM” and “Sunshine.” Put it this way, while recording this album, my emotions were everywhere! That’s why it is the perfect title. My album is for the Shuffle/iPod generation. We are about many things, not just one sound. As long as I keep it real, it’s fine with me.

    IM: And, Imperfect Records, is your creation. Tell us about that.

    Dayme: For an imperfect world there is Imperfect Records. I put out what is real to me, not fairy tales. No A&R guy telling me how to be or how to feel. I Love it!

    Dayme & The Kicks

    Dayme and the Kicks | Myspace Video