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  • Chris Brown and Ariana Grande star in a video for Brown's song 'Don't be Gone Too Long.'

    Chris Brown and Ariana Grande star in a video for Brown’s song ‘Don’t be Gone Too Long.’

    Chris Brown’s fantasy love affair with Ariana Grande in his new “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” video has a touch of reality in it. He lands in jail in the video. Is this a metaphor for the time he spent in the pokey in real life?

    Brown and Grande, who sing a duet, are forbidden lovers in a medieval fairy tale.

    The video open with the two lovers arm-in-arm. Brown’s raspy croaking doesn’t quite mesh with Grande’s crystal clear vocals, but videos all about the visuals and these are pretty stunning.

    The king’s men arrive on the scene and Brown ends up in chains. Ariana is led off by his soldiers. In the next scene Brown is being dragged through the dungeon and thrown into the clinker.

    A heavy door with bars closes behind him and he’s left to ponder his future with visions of his princess in his head. The duet continues with Grande staring out from a balcony high on a tower.

    Brown escapes and goes to her. They embrace on the balcony amid dreamy scenes of them together. But the king and his men are hot on his trail.

    The song is off Brown’s upcoming album X. It will be released Sept. 16 and marks his comeback from his recent legal troubles. It’s his first studio album since being released from jail in June for a probation violation.

    Check out the video below. What do you think of the ending? Does it leave you hanging as well? Let us know your thoughts, and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest music news.