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  • brandy-norwoodThe pain continues for R&B singer Brandy, both psychologically and online over a 2006 car crash that left one person dead and continues to haunt her. The singer recently made an unusual appeal.

    She recently urged her detractors to stop bringing up the car crash and have respect for her feelings when they bring up details about the accident, which caused the death of female motorist Awatef Aboudihaj,38.

    Last November, Brandy finally settled a civil suit against her filed by Aboudijaj’s parents, so the psychological wounds from the tragic incident are still fresh. Brandy, 31, was not charged criminally.

    She noted on her blog that she is still struggling to put the matter behind her.

    “Sometimes we don’t read the comments because of what we’ve seen people say in the past about us.” she writes.

    “Okay, you don’t like my shoes, you don’t like my outfit, cool, but the rest of it, like bringing up the car accident? “People just go too far. Way too far.

    “But people are going to be who they are. As long as I’m not like that, and even if I wasn’t me and I was tweeting about another celebrity, I would never say anything bad about somebody like that,” she says.

    I’m glad that I’m that type of a person… I just think people should have respect. We have feelings.”

    She added: “It’s real. It affects us. Trust me. It really does. We’re people at the end of the day with feelings. You know we’re sensitive because we’re artists. You know that stuff is going to hurt sometimes.

    Brandy is working on her six studio album in collaboration with Timbaland, with contributions from Will.i.am, Danja, duo Kadis & Sean, and Akon, among others. She’s also working on an album with brother Ray J, tentatively titled R&B. Both are scheduled for 2010 releases.

    She and Ray-J are also appearing in the VH1 reality program “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business.” The show premiered April 11, 2010