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  • Mariah Carey unveiled he new video for '#Believe' last night on 'American Idol.'

    Mariah Carey unveiled he new video for ‘#Believe’ last night on ‘American Idol.’

    Mariah Carey released her emotional new video for her song “#Beautiful,” last night on Fox’s “American Idol.” She said she had more influence over the concept and production of the clip compared with the bad old days when her record label called the shots.

    Mariah took the top three contestants, Angie Miller, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison, into the studio to talk about music videos.

    The video features Latin singer Miguel and a very sexy Mariah straddles a motorcycle in what she said was an ode to freedom.

    “I’ve been able to get much more involved in my videos than I was in the beginning of my career when I was like ‘Oh, they can do whatever they want, the record company,'” she told the girls. “No…” she added. “that’s not the case because it’s your image.

    “When we were shooting the video I felt like I wanted it to be the antithesis of what I am on ‘American Idol.’ There is no every hair perfectly in place. It’s just about freedom and feeling that record.”

    The video opens with a solitary guitar refrain as Mariah and Miguel come into view out of a sunrise. They’re straddling a motorcycle on a country road.

    Maria wears tight black hotpants and a cropped bra top and she’s right, her hair is free and blowing in the wind. The production value is a little sketchy. It’s painfully obvious the motorcycle shots were done in a studio against a green screen. So much for real freedom.

    But Mariah, at least, looks fabulous. The scene cuts to the diva wearing a flowing yellow mini-dress in a barn full of chandeliers and Miguel seated in a vintage red Porsche sports car.

    Next week, Candice and Kree will face off against one another in the live American Idol final. In the meantime, check out Mariah’s video below, and be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter and keep the Internet free. TheImproper will never charge for content.