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  • Ke$ha showcases 'Dirty Love' in a new video without a trace of Iggy Pop.

    Ke$ha showcases ‘Dirty Love’ in a new video without a trace of Iggy Pop.

    Ke$ha decided to go it alone in a raunchy new video for her song “Dirty Love,” erasing all traces of ’70s rock icon Iggy Pop, who was featured on the album version of the track. Some kind of falling out, no doubt.

    Probably got tangled up in a rights issue, or even more likely Iggy demanded more money.

    Ironically, Ke$ha has cited Pop’s debut solo album The Idiot (1977), as one of her main musical influences while crafting Warrior.

    “I’m on a steady diet of T. Rex and Iggy Pop,” she told Rolling Stone magazine.

    Whatever the case, he’s gone, and Ke$ha wings it solo in the video. She wastes no time stripping off her clothes.

    In the first minute she’s down to her bra an panties, while she screams for some “dirty love.”

    “Dirty Love,” the latest single off her 2012 album, “Warrior,” and Ke$ha takes credit for directing the video. “Death by glitter. hope u like it. here’s my directorial debut for the Dirty Love music video from my warrior album…$” she wrote.

    “Death by glitter,” may be a slightly encrypted reference to Iggy, who was part of the glitter-glam rock era along with David Bowie, Queen and other groups.

    She could also be referencing the lack-luster sales of Warrior, which didn’t come close to matching her debut album Animal, although that’s not all that unusual for a sophomore album.

    Most of the video takes place on a small stage with strobe lights firing away. At one point, two men dressed like her join her on stage and pour beer on her. She fires back, spitting beer at the camera.

    Warrior, her second studio album, is known for it’s heavy rock-influenced sound, although it’s still basically classified as electro-pop with a decidely dance vibe.

    Check out the video below, let us know your thoughts and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest music news.