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  • Rocker Bret Michaels has a hole in his heart and must undergo surgery to get it fixed, only months after suffering a near fatal brain hemorrhage.

    Michaels is tentatively set to go under the surgeon’s knife in early January.

    He’s suffered from the condition since birth, although he only found out about it after his stroke in April.

    Although he was partially paralyzed for a time, suffered excruciating headaches and slurred his speech, Michaels has made a full recovery and is currently touring.

    His recovery surprised his own doctors, but a rep said he’s still not 100 percent. “But he’s in good spirits, he’s having fun on the road, he loves his fans and has always said music heals him,” the rep said.

    “He said that there are times, when of course he worries but he has great people around him and he’s very cautious.”

    But the frontman says tour has always been “good for his soul.”

    “Maybe sometimes he gets a little tired easier and on occasion he’ll get a headache, but that’s when he knows it’s time to rest,” the rep said.

    “He’ll rest up, have surgery, take some time off, hopefully take a family vacation and get back on the road touring and promoting his upcoming book.”

    Michaels suffered his stroke while appearing on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” reality show.

    Despite the setback, he ultimately won, and was well enough to accept the $250,000 prize, which he donated to his chosen charity, the American Diabetes Association.

    Bret also suffers from the disease, and his daughter has been diagnosed with it as well.

    Most recently he was in the running to be a judge on American Idol, but and was hoping to get a shot at the job.

    But the seats when to Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and pop queen Jennifer Lopez.