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  • Avril Lavigne seems intent on ditching her skater boi image for a sexier, more sophisticated look in her new video for “What the Hell” the first single off her new album Goodbye Lullaby.

    Lavigne says she never would have considered wearing dresses and heels before, but she is maturing as an artist and woman.

    The rocker chick look is out, she says.

    “When I was younger, I dressed skater and had that whole thing going on. But as I grew up, I eventually started wearing heels and dresses. Over time, fashion choices change. Now that I’m older and have a fashion line, I’m more into fashion,” she says.

    “I like to dress with rock ‘n’ roll elements and be casual. I like jeans with rips and skulls, but now I wear more flattering pieces. I would never have worn heels or tight trousers before, or dresses. Today, though, I enjoy it. I’ve grown up.”

    Her fashion line is called Abbey Dawn.

    “The inspiration for my line comes from my personal style. I’m designing the things I want. I’m not a huge fan of floral. I like stripes and plaid and polka dots and all-over prints of skulls,” she says.

    As for the music, Lavigne is pretty charged.

    “I have been dying to get back out on the road and do what I love the most… PLAY MUSIC,” she wrote on her blog in November when the single was released.

    “I know you guys have been waiting for a long time…..and so have I, but not by choice. I have been sitting with this record for a year now. It’s really special to me. I have produced a couple tracks alone for the first time, written solo, with friends, I have pushed myself and I feel proud.”

    The video opens with Lavigne in bed wearing a hot black bra and panties.

    “The music video for ‘What the Hell’: It’s kind of a guy chasing me around, and I hop into a random cab, and he’s chasing me,” Lavigne told MTV.

    “And I go through a clothing store and he chases me, but at the end of the video, it’s really just me having a bunch of fun with him, and he’s my boyfriend, so I like him in the end.”

    Check out the video below.