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  • Rihanna is planning to turn up the heat in her latest music video for the lead single “S&M” from her new album, according to new photos from the clip. The singer channels a Playboy bunny and sports a barely there latex wardrobe.

    Veteran Rihanna collaborator, Melina Matsoukas, who directed the singer’s video clips for “Rudeboy,” “Rockstar 101” and “Hard.”

    The 22-year-old shifts from rabbit ears, a white corset and black high heels, to a bright pink PVC dress by William Wilde.

    In another photo she holds an ice cream cone and weas a heart-shaped eye patch.

    Check out Rihanna’s photos; click to enlarge.

    The lyrics of the song leave little question what the S&M is all about.

    “I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it

    “Sex in the air, I love the smell of it,

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me!”

    Rihanna gave the shoot a thumbs up. “[I] had a fantastic weekend shooting my best/favorite video EVER!” she tweeted.

    Matsoukas added: “Recovering from a colourful wknd of S&M with a hot red headed chick and I get to call that work… I love this job.”

    “S&M” is one of two new Rihanna videos. She also appears with Nicki Minaj on the rapper’s next single, “Fly,” according to MTV.

    Rihanna’s song will be released on January 25.

    Check out the photos below; click to enlarge. And watch a preview of the video being made.