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  • rollingStonesThe Rolling Stones had a lot on the line when they launched their “Steel Wheels Tour” in 1989. The band was attempting to make a comeback after a seven year hiatus, and faced an uncertain reception on the road.

    The boys launched the tour in North America in August 1989 to promote their Steel Wheels album. One of the hardest working bands in rock stayed on the road until February 1990, closing with ten shows at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

    The followed up with a European leg of the tour, which featured a different stage and logo, and was called the “Urban Jungle Tour;” it ran from May to August 1990.

    By the time the Stones were through, the tour was a huge financial success and certified that the Rolling Stones would be a major musical and commercial force on the rock music scene. The tour also helped relieve some of the well-publicized acrimony among band members and helped lead to their incredible longevity.

    Now, 20 years after the most financially successful rock tour in history up to that time, Universal Music Group and S2BN Entertainment are releasing a digitally re-mastered release of Rolling Stones Live at the Max on DVD and Blu-ray. The discs go on sale Tuesday, Nov. 10.

    Live at the Max was the first feature-length IMAX concert film to be shot and, to this day, it holds the record as the most successful IMAX concert film of all time.

    Offering every fan the best seat in the house, Live at the Max features 90 minutes of classic Rolling Stones footage shot during the European leg of their Steel Wheels tour in London, Berlin and Turin.

    It showcases 16 songs including classic favorites such as “Start Me Up,” “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and “Honky Tonk Woman.”

    The digitally remastered release will be launched alongside the reissue of five Rolling Stones live albums: Love You Live, Still Life, Flashpoint, the much-loved Stripped and Live Licks.

    A Rolling Stones concert is a phenomenon unto itself. The band, to this day, is known for its eleborate stage production and near non-stop set lists. Most shows run more than two hours.

    Their last major DVD project, Four Flicks, a four-disc DVD set was certified 19-times platinum and is the No. 1 selling concert (long form) DVD in U.S. history.

    Fame director Martin Scorsese directed 2008 blockbuster documentary ‘Shine a Light” based on the shows.