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  • Ke$ha is still having a hard time proving she’s real. With he second album about to drop, she went on the Today Show this morning (Nov. 20) with at least one goal in mind. She wanted to prove she can sing. “Because I really can sing,” she told Savannah Guthrie.

    The 25-year-old singer has been battered by Internet snark over her purported use of autotune, an electronic device that automatically corrects off-key sounds during vocal recordings or live performances.

    “A lot people say they’ve heard the autotune, they’ve heard your dance hits, but you really have a great voice too,” said the host.

    “I got bummed out when I heard that, and so I just really wanted to show people that I can sing; it’s one of the few things I can do,” she replied.

    To answer another criticism about her flamboyant outfits and extensive use of body paint, she produced a photo of her as a baby, wearing only a diaper and… body paint. A sign also had her name on it with a dollar sign, which she pointed out.

    “And, there’s a dollar sign in my name, and it’s real,” she said.

    Ke$ha sang her single “Die Young” from the album, as well as her hit songs “We R Who We R” and “Blow” from her EP Cannibal. Ke$ha also released a new song “C’Mon,” on YouTube. Her new album Warrior hits stores and iTunes on Dec. 4.

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