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Taylor Momsen, Johnny Depp Jam With Marilyn Manson (watch!)

Taylor Momsen battled Marilyn Manson for the heaviest eye shadow on stage at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles yesterday (Apr. 11) in a joint performance for the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards show. Johnny Depp also jumped up on stage and performed the Eurythmic’s tune “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” and “The Beautiful People.”...
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Taylor Momsen Depraved, Over-Medicated in New Video (watch!)

Taylor Momsen redraws the line again on sexual depravity–lower, of course–in a new video for her song “My Medicine.” Only thing is she’s so far out in front she’s basically left competing with herself. The video features topless waitresses, a woman prancing around with her backside hanging out, lots of drug references and paraphernalia, cigarette smoking, under-age drinking, gratuitous sex and everyone looking generally wasted. Did she miss anything?...