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Justin Bieber’s Just Gotta Ask: ‘What Do You Mean?’ in New Song (listen!)

Justin Bieber has released a new single that he says points to a new direction in is music. A lyric video for the song “What Do You Mean?” is going viral and hopefully will help jump-start his stalled career. Bieber talked about his music today in a radio interview with Elvis Duran on his Z100 radio broadcast, “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.”...
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Scott Shannon, Pioneering Radio Figure, Abruptly Departs WPLJ

Scott Shannon, one of the founding fathers of New York pop music radio, abruptly announced his retirement last week in New York City. Is this another case of commercialism triumphing over independent programming? Could be. Shannon has been a pillar of New York radio since 1984 when he took New York’s Z100 radio station from “worst to first,” in a mere 73 days....