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  • David Crosby and Brett Winterble (inset)

    David Crosby, who personified the ’60s counterculture through his music with The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash (sometimes Young), is hip deep in the presidential fray along with bandmate Stephen Stills, who’s lambasting GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

    Crosby will be featured on Brett Winterble’s show on XM Satellite’s America’s Talk (channel 168) at 9pm Eastern on Monday (Nov. 5).

    The interview could be electric. Winterble used to work for right-wing screamer and conspiracy formentor Rush Limbaugh. It’s unknown what slant Crosby will take, but if he’s anything like Stills, the conversation should be enlightening.

    Stills wrote a biting screed in Rolling Stone magazine, calling Romney “a churlish little prick.”

    The Crosby interview will air one day before the election. “Crosby is no stranger to talk radio and welcomed the forum to talk about politics and the election,” said his publicist Mike Jensen.

    “David Crosby is the iconic spokesman for a generation of rock fans and rock stars. Visiting with a man who has experienced so much of the past 40 years of American political and music history is a real treat,” Winterble said.

    The Killers ‘Battle Born;’ Compelling Music

    I’ve been listening pretty much non-stop to the new album from The Killers called Battle Born. It’s more like their second, very compelling album Sam’s Town: evocative, passionate, and astonishingly compelling.

    It took several listenings to fully digest what was going on; truth told, I was expecting the luster and power of their debut album Hot Fuss. Rather, it’s an almost perfect amalgam of everything’s that’s come before.

    Flowers’ voice is a thing of beauty and they way he phrases lyrics are richly compelling. There are two other standout tracks here, which for me rate among their best ever: “Deadlines And Commitments” and the wavy, slow-percolating “The Way It Was.”

    Both just dreamily terrific.

    Tony Danza, Micky Dolenz Fast Friends for 30 Years

    Micky Dolenz, Jim Kerr, Tony Danza

    Back in 1979, actor Tony Danza starred in the movie “She’s Out Of Control” with Ami Dolenz, eldest daughter of Micky Dolenz.  The Monkees singer was at B.B. King Bar and Grill in New York City recently, headlining and recording his first ever live DVD. Tony was in the front row.

    Tony and Micky became fast friends during the movie.  Dolenz even appeared on his talk show twice!  Micky gave him a quick-shout out, and Tony stood and lovingly took in the sustained applause.

    Tony just wrote a book  that has hit The New York Times bestseller list.  The tome, called “I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had: My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High” (Crown Books), documents his one-year adventure teaching (English) in Philadelphia.  He told me he wants to write another one!

    Names in the News

    Alan & Diana Rothstein, Peter Abraham, Steve Walter, Jay Fagen, Wayne Avers, Tom & Lisa Cuddy, Anne Raso, Robin Milling, Tony Danza, Michael Geiser, Jason Elzy, Andrew Saffir, Peggy Siegal, Uncle Eddie, Gary Dell’Abate, Mel Karmazin, Rosanna Scotto, Dave Price, Zach Martin, Lenny Bloch, David Salidor.