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  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand are no Ozzie and Harriett, so trying speculate about the health of their marriage is almost futile. Still, the ambiguities surrounding their relationship is providing ample grist for the tabloids. Are they on the rocks or not?

    Earlier this month, Brand, 36, laughed off the rumors his marriage was on the rocks on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and revealed that he’s ready to be a dad.

    “I am really happily married,” Brand told Ellen.That seemed to quiet the critics briefly.

    But when Katy, 27, turned up in Hawaii on Christmas vacation, while Brand was spotted back in the UK partying with friends, the speculation resumed in force.

    Spending the holidays apart seemed odd, especially after the couple has spent more time apart than together during their first year of marriage because of Katy’s tour.

    Now, tabloid web sites claim the marriage happy talk was just a show. Citing as always unidentified “sources,” some sites now claim the marriage is on the rocks… again.

    “Katy and Russell are just in two very different places right now with their lives,” claims the less than reliable hollywoodlife, citing a source.

    “Their marriage is not working out. He’s in recovery and really trying to stay clean, but her lifestyle isn’t helping him at all.”

    From that, the Web site deduced that they “deliberately” spent Christmas apart. After all, Katy was spotted without her wedding ring on the beach and swimming in the ocean.

    Who would wear their wedding ring on the beach?

    More than one celebrity marriage has crumbled because of diverging careers, and that’s one of the reasons cited for strain on Perry’s marriage.

    Perry just made history by scoring five hits on the Billboard Hot 100 in one year.

    “Katy is on fire right now. She’s touring and going out all the time,” the insider explains. “She’s not ready to settle down and be ‘Mrs. Brand,’ but that’s what Russell wants.”

    The upshot is that a split is supposedly “imminent,” but for some reason the couple isn’t ready to go public with the news, just yet.

    When asked about the rumor on Ellen, Brand jokingly replied, “What?! She should have told me!”

    “I’m married to Katy,” he continued. “Perpetually, until death do us part was the pledge. I’m still alive.”

    So whom do you believe?