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  • UK singer Amy Winehouse fell off the wagon… and literally into the street, where she was almost hit by a car, after a night-long drinking binge. Guess who her drinking buddy was?

    The “Back to Black” singer was found slumped on a London thoroughfare at 9:30 in the morning passed out.

    Winehouse spent the evening drinking with sometime actress Mischa Barton, who has had her own troubles with booze.

    Their night began at the Hawley Arms pub, a well known celebrity drinking spot. Winehouse was spotted there Monday night with Barton and comedian Russell Brand’s father Ron, according to London’s Sun newspaper.

    Barton reportedly booked before midnight but Winehouse kept drinking until Tuesday morning (Aug. 3).

    This is what an onlooker saw when she left.

    “A car nearly hit her as she walked in the road. It had to brake really hard,” the eyewitness told the Sun.

    Winehouse is said to have been upset after an argument with her new boy friend, filmmaker Reg Traviss.

    Winehouse had a reported blow up last month with Taviss after she accused him of still dating a stripper.

    “She was totally gone (drunk). She’d no idea what she was doing.” said Cab driver Michael Prenpeh.”She said her boyfriend had no respect for her and was blubbing (crying ) away – I gave her a tissue.”

    The singer has been in and out of hospital in London this year in an effort to beat her alleged alcohol problems. She spent eight weeks in the Caribbean last year to try to avoid the temptations of the London scene; apparently to no avail.