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  • Taylor Momsen has come out with her own shock sacrilegious music video in a game of one-upmanship with Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera. For some reason, Momsen, who is 16, doesn’t draw the same heat as contemporary Miley Cyrus.

    The “Gossip Girl” star and her band “The Pretty Reckless” released the video to support Momsen’s track, “Miss Nothing.”

    In the video, the teen crawls seductively over a table that looks just like Leonardo DaVinci’s painting of The Last Supper. The painting portrays Jesus’ final meal with his 12 apostles.

    Momsen appears, at first, sitting to the right of the Jesus chair (sans Jesus) wearing a white veil. The Band flanks her on either side, looking pious.

    She climbs onto the table and begins to crawl down it, knocking over glasses and plates.

    Then she sprawls on the table in an upside down crucifixion pose.

    The teenager has gone out of her way to shock fans and critics, from her salty language and flip attitude to her skimpy clothing.

    (Momsen for Madonna’s New Line; Click photo to enlarge)

    But the outrage she tends to provoke pales in comparison to Cyrus, who is trying to escape her squeaky clean image and launch and adult recording and movie career.

    Cyrus, a born-again Christian, has stopped short of religious imagery, but Gaga and Aguliera have both incorporated sacrilegious themes in recent videos.

    Momsen was recently named the face of Madonna’s new Material Girl clothing line, but her hair, wardrobe and make up has drawn comparisons with Courtney Love, at her worsts. Momsen bristles at the comparison.

    ‘Everyone always compares me to Courtney Love because they think we like dress the same and we both have blond hair, wear lipstick and dresses. But I’m sorry, don’t a lot of girls dress like that?” she said recently.

    Still,  she struggles with an image as a poser.  Check out her video.