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  • Beyoncé knows how to move her body, and she harnesses her best dance moves in a new video to help First Lady Michelle Obama promote her campaign against childhood obesity.

    The video for the song, “Move Your Body,” is definitely PG-rated, but Beyoncé can’t help looking extremely hot as she encourages a room full of kids to get up and dance for expercise.

    The track is actually a remix of her 2007 song “Get Me Bodied.” But fear not, the lyrics have changed.

    The song previously went:

    Mission one,

    I’ma put this on

    When he see me in the dress I’ma get me some (hey)

    The new lyrics go like this:

    Mission one,

    Let me see you run,

    Put your knees up in the sky,

    ‘Cause we just begun, hey!

    As Beyoncé starts turning it up, more and more kids join her until the whole room is jumping in a well-crafted choreography.

    “I am excited to be part of this effort that addresses a public health crisis. First Lady Michelle Obama deserves credit for tackling this issue directly,” the singer said.

    “I applaud the NAB Education Foundation for trying to make a positive difference in the lives of our schoolchildren.”

    ‘Run The World (Girls)’ a single from Beyoncé’s upcoming album leaked online recently. She called the yet-to-be-named album “groundbreaking.”

    Check out her video below: