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  • UK Comedian Russell Brand is known as a Lothario, but wife Katy Perry is the first to confront allegations she cheated on the marriage by suing an Australian magazine that reported  rumors of an affair.

    Perry, 26, joined a growing list of celebrities who have sued tabloids for publishing what they insist are false rumors. Among them are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

    Other celebrities, such as Katie Holmes have demanded apologies and gotten them.

    The magazine alleged that the “California Gurl” had an affair with record producer, Benny Bianco, after she’d married Brand, 35. The story apparently never made it very far beyond Australia.

    But Perry’s lawsuit, filed in Melbourne, soon after the singer touched down for her Australian tour, is making headlines around the world.

    The magazine, known as NW published an article last month reporting that Perry and Bianco had an “intimate relationship” and claimed her marriage was on the rocks as a result.

    The lawsuit seeks damages and aggravated damages, and she could be in line for a six-figure payout, if she wins.

    The singer charges that her reputation has been gravely injured and that she’s suffered “distress, embarrassment and humiliation,” according to the complaint, before the Victoria Supreme Court

    “By reason of the publication of the article, the plaintiff (Perry) has been gravely injured in her reputation and feelings (and) has suffered distress, embarrassment and humiliation,” the suit states.

    The NW story quoted a “friend” of Katy’s as tabloids often do, but in this case it identified them. One w as a woman called
    Angela Summers and the other was a “source” called Marlon David.

    If Katy was suffering from distress over the article, she didn’t show it.


    Brand did not accompany her on the trip.