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  • Justin Bieber and Milyn Jensen (inset).

    Justin Bieber and Milyn Jensen (inset).

    Justin Bieber is irked by rumors that he hooked up with Milyn Jensen, a fetching nursing student. But he’s only getting pay-back for cultivating a bad-boy reputation. Now the tabloids are exploiting it.

    As his relationship with Selena Gomez was crumbling, it didn’t help that Star magazine, one of the sketchier magazines, reported that the pop singer had spent a steamy night with 22-year-old student in December.

    The report caused enough of an uproar to prompted a response from the “Believe” singer, who suddenly isn’t so believable any more. “U know you can have fun without doing anything wrong. #goodfriends,” he wrote on Twitter.

    Justin started out as a squeaky clean teen pop sensation. But as he’s gotten older he’s tried to harden his image. He’s laid on tattoos, gotten a reputation for surliness for run-ins with fans and paparazzi, and he’s started hanging around with a rougher hip-hop crowd.

    The latest embarrassment occurred when one of his friends sold him out and turned over photos of him smoking pot to the tabloids. It occurred only a few days after a photographer was killed trying to get a shot of his Ferrari pulled over for a traffic stop.

    Justin Bieber Accused of Ridiculing Woman, Spitting in Drink

    The Biebs announced himself as a player with all his heavy flirting with models at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last November. Model Barbara Palvin is still trying to live down her encounter with him.

    Gomez was the only thing that provided stability in his life. Now that she’s gone, he’s created the impression he’s a hard partying thug-life wannabe.

    For her part, Jensen posted a photo of an expensive looking watch with the caption: “My time is too expensive.”

    Justin Bieber Hottie Barbara Palvin’s New VS Lingerie Shoot (9 Photos!)

    Fan reaction was predictably mixed. But one wrote: “I ain’t mad at ‘em! Justin Bieber got it in with some fine black chick named Milyn Jensen, what a player!”

    Got that right. Check out more Twitter reaction below and be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter for all the latest Justin Bieber updates.

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