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  • justinbieber-acousticsJustin Bieber’s first new acoustic song, “Yellow Raincoat,” from his upcoming Believe Acoustic album hit the Internet today, amid some reports the song was inspired by ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

    Bieber says the album is coming straight from his heart.

    The album, which is expected to hit the streets next week, Jan 29, is a remix of songs off Believe his third studio album.

    The an all-acoustic set includes two or three new recordings and “Yellow Raincoat” is reportedly one of them.

    Whether the song is about Selena, inspired by Selena or simply an expression of his own travails dealing with fame, money and girls, is open to debate.

    Writing songs about relationships gone bad, seems to be the latest trend among pop stars, pioneered by Taylor Swift’s revenge ballads.

    Bieber confirmed the album was on its way in December. “Been writing alot…new stuff…and yeah. the acoustic album, new arrangements, is happening” he tweeted.

    Bieber said earlier this month he up the number of tracks from eight to 11, including “Yellow Raincoat” and a second new song “I Would.” Whether there will be a third is up in the air.

    The singer has had a lot of emotional ups and downs over the past few months, including his breakup with Selena and the controversy over his pot-smoking photos, only the day after a photographer was killed trying to get a photo of him smoking dope in his Ferrari.

    Check out the tune below. Justin puts a lot of heart into it. And follow TheImproper on Twitter for all of the latest Justin Bieber Updates.