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  • British funny man Russell Brand reveals in a new interview that he has kicked not so funny addictions to alcohol and heroin and credits his marriage to pop singer Katy Perry for taming him. But can he still be as funny?

    His travails with drugs and alcohol have been the source of much of his raunchy humor as well as his early years growing up hard and living on the edge.

    Brand is making the rounds promoting his new movie, a remake of the Dudley Moore film “Arthur,” about an eccentric, perpetually drunk billionaire.

    “Well, it seems obvious, if not at the time that to turn myself into a character–incredibly theatrical and rock-and-roll and languid and sexualized–was to emphasize areas where I was confident, to draw the eye from the obvious deficit of a man only just getting over being a junkie.

    “I’m very confident in the physical manifestation of a rocker,” he told Details magazine in a new interview in the April issue.

    Brand is cut from the same mold as Ricky Gervais, a particular type of British comic who gets laughs from insane acts or cruel and unusual observations.

    Like the time he stuck a Barbie doll up his rear end.

    “If I remember correctly, I chose the Barbie doll because it represents the oppression of women, the stereotype of femininity, the commercialization of sexuality, blah blah blah,” he feigns.
    He also infamously urged teen pop sensation Justin Bieber to improve his music by getting strung out on heroin and overdosing a few times.

    He also dissed the Jonas Brothers and caused an uproar when he lampooned George W. Bush at the 2008 VMAs

    He says he’s been sober for eight years and still attends AA meetings three times a week. Charlie Sheen recently bashed the program.

    He also credits transcendental meditation and his marriage to Perry.

    “There are a lot of things you have to amend to be in a monogamous relationship. I’ve had to readdress everything and start buying deck furniture. On the Titanic. Avoiding the constant icebergs. In the end, putting snowshoes on the bottom of it?”  he says.

    Booooring…. but at least he’s alive.