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  • Nicki Minaj gets friendly with rappers Nas and Chris Brown in the new video for her song the “Right By My Side.” But Nas seems to nab the leading lady.

    Chris Brown sings the male part of the song, while Minaj woos the brooding Nas. The rapper doesn’t sing but they exchange glances, he gives Nicki a car and takes her shopping. In exchange, Barbie gives him a dainty kiss.

    Nicki is clearly lovesick in the video for reasons unknown. Brown also figures into the relationship. In his scenes with Nicki, he’s seems to plead for her love. But she spurns him, or does she? He may be her man on the side.

    In the end, though, the video is all about the bling; fancy cars, mansions, beautiful gardens and gaudy jewelry. The car seems to do the trick. Nicki jumps into Nas’s arms when she sees it.

    Warning Product Placement: Also guest starring in the video is a can of Pepsi. Minaj has done commercials for the soft drink so you can bet this was there for a reason.

    The song is a dreamy ballad until Nicki raps. Then, it’s the Nicki we all know. “My p—y game so cold, that he always seem to come back/ ‘Cause he knows that it be a wrap when I’m riding it from the back,” she spits.

    Minaj is currently touring overseas in support of her album “Roman Reloaded.” The track is on the album.

    Check out the video below: