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  • Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake.

    Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake.

    Rapper Drake was bounced from controversial Los Angeles nightclub Playhouse because Chris Brown was already inside, according to a new report. The move may have been prudent, but clearly violated the law.

    Drake was turned reportedly turned away at the door apparently because of bad blood between the two after their massive nightclub brawl in New York City.

    But neither singer claims they were responsible for the fight, nor were they charged with any criminal violations, even though the club was trashed. Authorities said at the time they did not have enough evidence to proceed with charges.

    Both Drake and Brown, as well as the club, are facing civil suits from innocent patrons who were injured by flying glass and debris.

    At the Playhouse, Drake was reportedly intercepted at the door by bouncers who denied entry to the singer to avoid a possible blow up, according to gossip site TMZ.

    The incident occurred during the anniversary party hosted by clothing brand Popular Demand.

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    Left unmentioned in the TMZ report was the fact that Rihanna was also in the club. She was reportedly the spark that ignited the New York brawl after Drake’s crew dissed her in front of Brown.

    Drake had a brief fling with the Barbadian singer before she got back with Brown.

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    Rihanna and Brown were reportedly fighting and sitting at opposite ends of the club ignoring each other. Adding Drake to the mix might indeed have been incendiary. Or, maybe not.

    Under California and federal public accommodations law, no one can be denied entry to any business open to the public without just cause. And there was no just cause in this case.

    Drake decided to leave without protesting, which showed he was the bigger man. But he did so by sacrificing his civil rights. Did the club make the right move? Let us know your thoughts and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest music updates.