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  • Katy Perry has the power to transform. She did it in her video for her song “E.T.” But this time, she’s gone in a whole new direction, with a sultry, sexy look as a cabaret girl in Interview magazine.

    Katy’s image up to now has been sexy and bubbly like a teen queen. But she ditches her candy-color clothes and florescent-blue helmet hair for a totally new look.

    She goes totally glam rock in jewel-encrusted bra, dangling earrings and black gloves. Photographer Mikael Jansson was behind the lens and Karl Templer handled styling.

    Check out Katy’s Photos; click to enlarge.

    Before now, Perry’s image has been a lot like her music, fun, upbeat, and frothy—a little teen-girl wacky, a little cartoon cute, a little Harajuku rebellious,” the magazine notes.

    For the interview, Perry talked with “Saturday Night Live” and “Bridesmaids” star Kristen Wiig about her religious upbringing, the challenges she faces, following her divorce from Russell Brand and how she keeps it all together.