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  • Ariana Grande takes it to the streets in the new video for her song 'Baby I.'

    Ariana Grande takes it to the streets in the new video for her song ‘Baby I.’

    Ariana Grande has released the video for “Baby I,” the lead single off her debut album “Yours Truly.” She goes with a street party theme and a decided urban East LA vibe with lots of hot cars and beefy dancers.

    Grande teased the video yesterday (Sept. 5) and dropped the full version this morning.

    The 20-year-old actress is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom “Victorious, iCarly.” She’s reprising the role in a spin-off called “Sam & Cat.”

    She’s also a Broadway veteran. She debuted in 2008 as Charlotte in hit show 13 on the Great White Way.

    Grande’s career trajectory is fairly obvious; she’s trying to edge her way into a singing and acting career much like Selena Gomez. Whether there is room for her in the pantheon of young pop stars remains to be seen.

    But he first single “The Way,” also from her debut album, made it into the Top 40.

    Grande is also said to be a soprano with a four-octave range, so she definitely has the vocal chops. But really, is there room for another sugary pop singer?

    The video is pretty standard fare for a pop singer and the scenario, a street party, has been played out many, many times by other singers.

    Her album Yours Truly, hit shelves Aug. 30. You can buy the CD or download the album from amazon.com by clicking the link on the left.

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