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  • Rihanna pulled on some black fish net stockings and a black and white leotard with high rise bikini pants and took South America by storm, with her first concert in Brazil’s industrial and financial center, Sao Paulo.

    Rihanna is following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus, who swept through South America, wowing crowds with her Gypsy Heart Tour.

    Miley turned in a high energy sexual performance, and Rihanna delivered no less as if she wasn’t about to let Miley upstage her.

    Rihanna doesn’t carry any of the baggage that Miley has as a former Disney teen queen and is known for her sexually charged performances.

    Rihanna Sexually Charged in Brazil
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    Needless to say, she turned it on. It was her first trip to South America and she made the most of it.

    “SAO PAULO LET’S DO THISSSS!!! #LOUDtourBRAZIL,” she Tweeted.

    After the show Rihanna was back on Twitter: “SAO PAULO I love you! I will definitely be back!!!” she wrote.

    Rihanna has expressed her desire to hit more than 20 countries in America and Europe on the Loud Tour, her fourth.

    Rihanna is currently recording a new album for fall release, her sixth since her 2005 debut Music of the Sun.

    Her most recent work Loud was released last November and sold 1.5 million copies domestically.

    It was her second-biggest-selling album following her 2007 breakout, Good Girl Gone Bad, her best seller with 2.7 million copies.

    She reportedly has already cranked out the first single, “We Found Love,” for her new album.

    It could be released as early as Thursday (Sept. 22), according to reports. In the meantime, check out her hot Sao Paulo photos.