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Rihanna Sizzles, Topless to a Hot Brazilian Beat in Vogue (14 photos!)

Rihanna has been out of the spotlight since her last tour ended, but she’s still raising eyebrows with stunning photos like her spread in the new issue of Vogue Brazil. In the Latin American country, famed for it’s expansive beaches, the air is cool, the sun is hot and women wear little or no clothing. Needless to say, the Barbadian singer goes native....
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Rihanna Hottest, Sexiest Moves Yet in Sydney (photos, video!)

Rihanna showed off her hottest, sexiest moves on stage at Allphones Arena in Sydney last night. She stepped up her game and put Miley Cyrus to shame for even thinking she could twerk. RiRi’s stripper lessons definitely paid off. The Barbadian singer is on the Southeast Asian leg of her Diamonds Tour and has been hitting all the stops in Australia....