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  • Rebecca Black, the 14-year-old YouTube sensation whose catchy pop single “Friday” topped even Justin Bieber, is back with her second professionally crafted music video for her new song “Person of Interest.”

    Despite her hugely overwhelmingly YouTube numbers, 167 million views, Black’s performance and song were savaged by critics, who found it overly simplistic, or simply “inane.”

    But it resonated with teens her age because she touched on many of the teen anxieties associated with going out on a Friday night.

    Black got a big hug from pop star Katy Perry, who enlisted her as a guest star in the promo for Perry’s video “Last Friday Night (TGIF),” a goofy bow to teen awkwardness and geekdom.

    The teen singer’s viral popularity led to her second single “My Moment,” which was far more polished but not nearly as popular as her initial song.

    The ballad was about female empowerment and tweeked the haters who didn’t necessarily get her viral smash, “Friday,” according to MTV. She even used one of Bieber’s writers.

    Although critics, again, poo-poo’ed the effort, it’s received 27 million hits and counting on YouTube.

    Those aren’t “Friday” numbers, of course, but most new artists would kill to attract that many views.

    As such, Black still has plenty of momentum to propel her on to her latest video and a full-blown album.

    “Person of Interest” is certainly tween friendly and she’s gone back to a “Friday” vibe.

    Black and her Bieber helmet-haircut boyfriend, take in arcade games, go karts, mini golf and carnival rides on their date.

    The video segues to a crime scene, complete with yellow crime scene tape and investigating police officers.

    “There’s a crime scene on the dance floor,” Black sings. “Ring the alarm/Police tape on the front door/And you are a person of interest.”

    Music snobs may not dig Black’s sugary synth pop style, and maybe her music is too manufactured.

    But Black’s got one thing every record label would kill for–an artist with a massive, built-in fan base. That spells pop star. Just ask Justin.

    Check out the video below.