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  • Adam Lambert has always had a flair for the flamboyant, to say the least, and he’s ever experimenting with his look. He showed off two different styles on twitter just this week, plus a new tattoo.

    Lambert, 30, who was the runner up on American Idol’s eighth season in 2009, finishing behind Kris Allen. Some critics say his over-the-top gayness cost him the crown.

    But that hasn’t stopped the gifted singer from letting his freak flag fly. Not long after his “American Idol” appearance he caused an uproar during a performance on ABC’s “American Music Awards.” The sexually charged performance–he kissed a male dancer and shoved another male dancer’s face in his crotch–drew more than 1,500 complaints.

    Check out Adam’s look; click to enlarge.

    He dismissed the criticism, noting a woman could have had made the same moves, without a fuss. In the end, he said it was just rock ‘n roll. He’s been an unceasing gay advocate and over-the-top personality ever since

    He tweeted photos this week showing two new hair styles. He dyed his hair platinum blonde, a la Marilyn Monroe in one, and then switched it to his trademark black, high-rise pompadour, with blonde tricks, for a part in “Pretty Little Liars.”

    Then, it was back to blonde again.

    His most radical change was a tattoo spanning the length of his forearm. He inked the motto “Music Soothes the Angry Beast” in Latin and Old English text, or “Musica Delenit Bestiam Feram.”

    In all, Adam has five tattoos. He has an “Eye of Horus” image on his right arm, along with an infinity sign and a skeleton key. Both are based on a painting by Hans Haveron. His previously new tattoo are the letters “OOFTA” on his hand.

    It reportedly means “oy,” “oh my god” or “whoa,” all of which could easily apply to the singer at various times in his career. His boyfriend Sauli Koskinen reportedly has the same tattoo.

    The “American Idol” runner up was arrested for allegedly assaulting his Koskinen, a Finish reality TV personality at a Helsinki bar. It was later chalked up to a misunderstanding.

    Lambert filmed an episode of “Pretty Little Liars” last week that will air on Halloween. Adam may play a “glampire.’