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  • Kelly Clarkson, one of the few “American Idol” winners to maintain a career, has released her newest video for her song “Mr. Know It All,” which will lead her new album Stronger.

    The Justin Francis-directed video, released this morning, shows the 29-year-old singer in a range of emotions as she sings about what apparently was a relationship gone bad.

    And, who hasn’t had a pushy boyfriend.

    The scene opens with Clarkson sitting alone in a room with walls lined with newspaper clips. She slowly tears away what she calls “the Wall of Doubt.”

    It’s made up of real, and sometimes nasty, headlines about her. As she tears them away she exposes an open highway.

    Her favorite scene is one where she looks super glammed up in a massive gown, she told MTVNews.

    “There’s different sides of me, and that whole outfit was more for all the freeing aspect,” she explained.

    “Like, there’s all these different sides of you, and that was the free-spirit side of me. That’s one of my favorite shots in the video. It keeps coming back to my hair everywhere.”

    Clarkson said the video is also meant to represent the many different sides to her personality.

    “I think there’s that free-spirit side of me, and then there’s that feisty performer in me,” she said.

    “Then there’s the funny side of me. I mean, obviously you have to be funny to have a big giant wall of doubt with actual headlines of your life on the wall. It’s a little fun, a little feisty.”

    Over the weekend, Kelly was part of a stellar line up for the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas.

    The song was written by Brett James, Ester Dean and Dante Jones and produced by Brian Kennedy

    It is the official lead single on her fifth studio album with RCA Records. It goes on sale. Oct. 25.

    Check out the video below: