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  • Selena Gomez adopts a New Age look for her new single Come &  Get It.

    Selena Gomez adopts a New Age look for her new single Come & Get It.

    Selena Gomez looks totally in touch with herself with a New Age look in flowing mult-colored dress and a Garden of Eden setting to tease her new song “Come & Get It.” She’ll debut the full song in Apr. 8 on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show.

    Selena’s upcoming album was reported by the trashier tabloid blogs to be heavily influenced by her relationship and break up with pop singer Justin Beiber.

    Tabloid reports have been all over the place, as usual, with lots of unsubstantiated conjecture about their post-breakup relationship and whether one or the other is trying to get back together.

    Some of Bieber’s reps have reportedly even cited the breakup to explain Justin’s recent spate of self-destructive behavior. (It’s her, not him!) He’s supposedly so distraught over her, he’s taking the rejection out on the world.

    But producer Jason Evigan says Selena’s steered away from her personal life when she wrote the album.

    “She didn’t really want to talk about the Justin stuff too much in her music,” he told MTV. “She didn’t want to bash him. She never wanted to write songs about him.”

    On “Come & Get It,” Selena sings about eternal love and the price someone has to pay to attain it. In the Snippet she sings:

    “This love will be the death of me,
    but I know I’ll die happily
    I’ll know I’ll know I’ll know
    Because you love me so.”

    The power ballad, produced by Stargate, has a New Age-influenced sound, heavy on percussion. She definitely has the look down.

    Her dress, splashed with pastels in pink and purple is flowing and sheer, with a layered look and open front. She also wears a long silver necklace and silver earrings. Her hair is wavy and flows around her neck and shoulders.

    “She wants to be empowering for these girls not to dwell on guys when guys break your heart,” Evigan added. “She’s super uplifting, positive, amazing person who’s, spiritually, she’s really strong.

    And she’s a really cool girl. I think she’s gonna have a great year for her,” he added.

    Check out the video tease below and let us know your thoughts. Selena looks radiant.