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  • RonWood-EkaterinaIvanovaRolling Stone Ron Wood’s Russian hottie ex-girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova was reportedly cheating on him while they were together in a tempestuous romance that ended after a drunken public street brawl.

    The 21-year-old former waitress was reportedly seeing Dan Turner, a 22-year-old model and club promoter, before she split with the 62-year-old guitarist.

    A rep for Ekaterina denied the romance claims. She insisted that she and Dan are just “acquaintances” who had met “three times” and only became friends after she split from Ron, after 16 months together.

    Their relationship caused Wood and his wife Jo Wood to split after 23 years of marriage.

    “When Ekaterina started going out with Ronnie, she lost a lot of friends, but Dan was someone who never failed her. She has always trusted him,” a friend said.

    “They met as they both share a lot of the same friends on the London scene. They are 100 percent a couple now. They walk around holding hands and she is always at Dan’s flat.”

    Pals insist that Ekaterina is already over her split from the rocker and is now trying to concentrate on her own career.

    “I don’t think there is too much lost between Ekaterina and Ronnie. She has been bragging, ‘I’ve already made $86,000 out of him’ thanks to her magazine deals and interviews,” one source told UK tabs.

    “Ekaterina is very flirty, and her biggest dream is to be a model, but she and Dan do seem very keen on each other.”

    Discussing their time together, Ekaterina recently admitted she couldn’t believe how much their romance changed over time.

    “The whole thing started off like a fairytale, but then it felt like an evil fairytale. I’d be trapped there with an evil goblin king,” she said.