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  • bret_michaelsPoison frontman Bret Michaels checked out of hospital in Arizona earlier this week to recover from surgery at home, following a near-fatal brain hemorrhage, and he is vowing to sing again with his group next year.

    Michaels is now starting to overcome the health scare and his goal is to make a full recovery in time for the band’s 25th anniversary in 2011, according to the band’s drummer Rikki Rockett. And, Michaels is determined to perform.

    “We have every intention of doing it. Bret and I, as a matter of fact, talked about it this morning when we were on the phone,” Rockett told talk show host Larry King.

    “We have every intention of doing a 25th anniversary next summer and – you know, I really strongly believe he’s go ing to make it, and that’s what we’re going to be doing next year. We’re going to keep on working,” he said.

    Close pal Pete Evick, who plays guitar in The Bret Michaels Band, also thinks Bret will be back in shape by then.

    “Bret has every intention of continuing on as everybody’s ever known him. That’s his life and it’s his passion,” he said.

    “You know Rikki can tell you Poison is looking forward to their 25th anniversary next summer. That’s a huge deal. I mean, who gets to have a rock and roll career for 25 years?”

    Evick credited the singer’s girlfriend for helping to save the rocker’s life, because of her positive attitude throughout Michaels’ health crisis.

    Michaels is now making a recovery and wants to marry longterm partner Kristi Gibson, with whom he has two daughters, Raine, nine, and Jorja, five.

    “You know, she’s shown an incr edible amount of strength through all of this. You’ve got to attribute he r to saving his life because her calmness during the event probably kept him calm,” Evick told King.

    “She was the one that said let’s not panic and let’s get you to the hospital right away. And even at the hospital – once they were at the hospital, he still didn’t want to get out of the car, and he was like maybe this will just go away.

    “And it was Kristi that was able to tell him that you’ve got to go to the hospital and do this and so she stayed strong and had to take care of the children through this and there was a lot.

    “I would imagine there was a lot of turmoil in her head… So she did a wonderful, wonderful job in all of this.”