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  • bret_michaelsPoison rocker Bret Michaels will rock on. His doctor today (May 4) predicted that Michaels will fully recover from his debilitating brain hemorrhage, and is already walking and talking again.

    Michaels has been released from the previously unnamed hosptial — now identified as the Barrow Neurological Institute — where he was rushed after complaining of a severe headache.

    The Phoenix neurosurgery center admitted him on the morning of April 22 with what doctors described as “incapacitating” head and neck pain, lethargy, disorientation and slurred speech.

    His recovery since then has been remarkable.

    “I really expect that he will fortunately make a 100% recovery,” Chief of cerebrovascular surgery, Dr. Joseph Zabramski, told reporters in a news conference today.

    “He’s just one of those lucky people, the 20 percent or so who have a subarachnoid hemorrhage who make a complete recovery and are able to resume all of their normal activities.”

    Michaels will have to undergo several weeks rehabilitation therapy, and it’s still uncertain when he will perform again or if he can resume his appearance on “The Celebrity Apprentice” with Donald Trump.

    Several angiograms failed to reveal a ruptured aneurysm. The condition occurs when the wall of a blood vessel thins and begins to swell like a balloon.

    Aneurysms can often rupture and cause serious injury or death, depending on their location.

    “Patients who don’t have anything identified in their angiograms tend to do well,” Zabramski explained.

    “This is one of those rare instances in medicine where we’re actually pleased not to be able to find what caused the problem.”

    So far the caused of Michael’s bleeding is still unknown, Zabramski said.

    “Right now he has severe back pain, and when he tries to walk he gets spasms in his back…and the headaches come back again,” the doctor said.