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Taylor Swift Wonders Why Her Music Causes Such a Fuss (video, photos)

Taylor Swift is fast becoming the queen of breakup songs, but her music resonates with her largely female fan base like few artists. Swift is out promoting her next album Red and opening up like never before about her music and her life. She says even she’s often surprised by the fuss caused by her music. Often it’s the message she sends. “I’m excited about telling the beginnings of stories, like the story of this song called “Ours,” where I wrote it about this guy nobody thought I should be with,” she tells MTV....
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Carrie Underwood Makes Pickups Sexy in Glamour (photos)

You can take Carrie Underwood out of the country but you can’t get the country out of Carrie, even when she’s posing for high-fashion Glamour magazine. The frills are one thing, but a pickup truck? Underwood has undeniable model good looks and even flashes a little cleavage in a football jersey for the magazine’s May issue. And, yes, she poses with a rusty old pickup truck....