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  • Rihanna likes to flaunt her bad girl image. She posted photos that  look like she’s getting ready to snort cocaine, or maybe roll a joint off some guy’s bald head at the Coachella Music Festival. How bad ass is that?

    Of course, no serious coke-head would be so cavalier with their stash, if not out of fear of getting busted, then out of fear of watching the expensive powder blow away in the wind.

    Plus, how much is the guy absorbing through the skin on his head?

    Rihanna is probably just a casual user. Or is just having fun with something white and powdery.

    Check out Rihanna’s photos; click to enlarge.

    Of course, she probably could also give a sh*t about her pile, since she has money to burn.

    The powder, if it is coke, would probably cost a couple of thousand dollars at California prices.

    In an alternative interpretation of the photos, Rihanna is merely rolling a joint off the guy’s head. The camera flash just makes the pot look white. Rihanna is a known cannabis user, so our best guess is this call. She’s also posted photos smoking massive blunts before.

    Either way, she’s doing something shady at Coachella. Look for her to get busted in the near future for all this flaunting of drug use. Drug agents really do take note of this stuff. Or are we just being paranoid?

    Check out the photos above.