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  • Taylor Momsen’s hot mess, bad-girl posturing, always at the expense of someone else, is finally catching up with her. The 17-year-old with maturity to match is getting downsized big-time on “Gossip Girl.”

    Not that she probably cares, or should care. It’s another blow to her reputation, but hardly her career.

    The show has never really developed a following, it’s ratings have been poor, the CW network is third rate, and Momsen has said repeatedly she wants to focus on her music.

    The upshot: Deadline Hollywood reports that Momsen has been placed on indefinite hiatus following next Monday’s episode.
    Her presence on the show has been on the decline in any event, and her sulking on the set, scowling and chain-smoking cigarettes, never made her much fun to work with.

    The decision to rein her in apparently followed a guest appearance by fashion guru Tim Gunn,, of “Project Runway,” who got a taste of Momsen’s churlishness.

    “What a diva,” he told E! News. “She was pathetic, she couldn’t remember her lines, and she didn’t even have that many. I thought to myself, ‘Why are we being held hostage by this brat?'”

    While the CW should just cut her loose, management obviously can bring itself to fire her for fear of loosing even one viewer from its thin fan base. And make no mistake, Momsen has fans.

    Instead, it has bounced her from the four episodes, beginning with the Dec. 6 mid-seaon finale, according to Deadline.

    No big loss, since the fiery actress has only been on three episodes this fall, despite being billed as a series co-star and one of the show’s founding cast members.

    In the meantime, check out her risqué video.