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  • Donald Trump; All the President's Stooges

    Donald Trump is surrounded by a corrupt circle of politicians who have put party over country. (Photo: Getty)

    Donald Trump and his lap dogs in and out of Congress are doing their utmost to lay waste to the institutions that underpin our democracy. The most troubling of all has to be the stentorian dipshit and unapologetic traitor Devin Nunes. But he’s far from alone.

    Crazy Rudy Guiliani, Mitch “Bitch” McConnell, Speaker Paul Ryan–who, the more the shit hits the fan the more he seems to be at a loss for words–the Freedom Caucus idiots led by the empty-headed Mark Meadows, whose ironic mission is to take away your freedoms, the beyond certifiable Dana Rohrabacher and the flip-flopping Trey Gowdy make up a unique club–All the President’s Stooges.

    Nunes takes the cake because he is a blatant liar, who eagerly scarfs up highly classified information–from an investigation in which he’s actually recused–and immediately sprints across the White House lawn to share it with his waiting ‘Don.”

    He turned one of the most important, sensitive, bipartisan arms of Congress, the House Intelligence Committee, into his personal dumping ground of lies, untruths, and mis-directions and trashed its previously stellar reputation, almost overnight.

    Yet, Nunes has apparently managed to raise over two and a half million dollars in just a matter of weeks. That should terrify anyone who believes that facts and the pursuit of truth are at the root of maintaining our system of justice, and, in turn, our democracy.

    No matter what you think of all these liars and cowards who, inexplicably continue to line up to happily sacrifice their legacies and reputations at the foot of Mt. Trump, the fact that a campaign of lies and obstruction is helping these losers raise MORE money says some pretty awful things about a large percentage of the citizens of this nation. Namely, they’re bat shit crazy.

    It should boggle the mind of any sane, rational individual, that their fellow citizens can’t discern between a fact and a lie. Perhaps, even scarier, is the thought that they can, but choose not to because, like Trump, they thrive on the hypocritical self-interest that got him where he is today.

    At least, they think they do. Until the day comes when they discover the dream they signed up for, with all its rhetoric about swamp-draining and giant walls, is really a nightmare that will see their children paying for their mistakes, for decades to come, and by then, well…

    Part of the new normal is learning to accept the fact we have, what appears to be legions of Orwellian fact-deniers, racists, and out-and-out morons living among us, who are all too willing to believe two plus two equals five.

    How else do you explain the fact that as more evidence emerges linking Trump, his family, his associates, and his campaign to treasonous activities, the higher his popularity goes in the polls? It’s not as if his track record proves him to be an honorable guy.

    Simply switch on Netflix and there’s a dozen readily available documentaries about Trump’s history of screwing over contractors, business partners, employees, investors and bondholders, all of whom made the mistake of trusting him.

    Thus, it’s inexplicable to see blue collar workers, blindly following this pied piper over the cliff. After all, they’re the ones he cares about the least, yet he’s managed to convince them he’s got their back. Some are waking up, but the majority are still drinking the Kool-Aid.

    They refuse to see that Trump failed to denounce the Charlottesville Nazis and took forever to commend James Shaw Jr, an African American who risked his life to prevent a mass shooting.

    He backed Roy Moore, an alleged child molester over a–gasp–liberal and kow-towed to the National Rifle Association (NRA) after promising action to prevent mass shootings that have earned him the title “massacre president.”

    His shameful desire to rid the nation of all immigrants, deny climate change, undermine clean air and clean water regulations, dismantle public education, slash our social safety net and demonize those who are different from them, like kneeling NFL players, will have ruinous repercussions for years to come.

    The funny part of these bottom dwellers, is that many of them call themselves “Patriots,” (complete with the prerequisite giant flag in their Twitter pics) when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Not only are these defiantly proud Deplorables supporting the destruction of the fabric of the very democracy they claim to be willing to “defend to the death,” they are the antithesis of what our founding fathers would have called “Americans.”

    They are a “Stupid-ocracy” – an unfortunately large percentage of the population all joined together by one common thread – the absence of decency and common sense.

    And there’s simply no getting through. Trust me, I’ve tried many times, and it’s simply not worth it. After all, who’s worse? The idiot, or the one who tries to reason with the idiot? Perhaps we should just divide the country in half and that will be that.

    In any case, the sad truth is, it’s no longer about “Left vs. Right.” You’re either someone who believes in facts, or a Republican.

    The mainstream media’s not off the hook here, either. I’m not referring to the propaganda arm of the GOP that is Fox News, I’m talking about established journalists like Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, and Chris Matthews.

    Day-after-day, they not only normalize this administration as if there’s not a criminally corrupt, certifiably insane POTUS at the helm, but who entertain guests who make excuse-after-excuse for the Orange Idiot without challenge.

    Thank Jesus for Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon and Lawrence O’Donnell. They seem to be the only voices of sanity left. Honorable mention to Steve Schmidt and Richard Painter, apparently, the only two Republicans who refuse to tow the ‘party over country’ line.

    Hopefully, future generations will learn from our mistakes.