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  • Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley will host the Country Music Association Awards for the third year in a row and Paisley warned to expect a lot of good natured kidding about Underwood’s marriage to NHL player Mike Fisher.

    “We have to bring it up,” said Paisley about Underwood’s July union. The awards show will air Nov. 10 in Nashville on ABC.

    “[The wedding] was big news in country music, so if it’s that, it’s fair game, as well as Nashville or current events,” he said in an interview with Underwood today (Aug. 26).

    “It’s worth talking about anything like that, that people will relate to,” he added.

    The two joked about Paisley’s wedding gift to Underwood, a bowl, which Paisley insisted his wife picked out.

    “Is it something you wanted or it’s in the pile of re-gift items?” asked Paisley.

    “You’re going to get it back three Christmases from now,” said Underwood.

    “I can’t wait to get that back,” said Paisley.

    The give and take between the two is an example of how the CMA’s have tried to broaden its appeal by making the show as wide open as possible.

    They also talked about Underwood’s wardrobe. She is known to switch up her outfits multiple times throughout the show.

    Last year she changed more than 10 times.

    “I can’t change anymore than I did last year,” said Underwood. “I don’t think that’s a physical possibility, so I’m not going to try to outdo the costumes.”

    So maybe it’s Paisley’s turn to change his outfits this year?

    “I think that would be awesome,” said Underwood. “I’m going to stay in the same thing all night. I’m going to show up in my pajamas, and you’re going to do your thing.”

    As for hosting together, the two have a natural timing and chemistry that comes across on stage and in-person.

    “I do feel like we do have our own roles that we fall into and compliment each other,” said Underwood.

    “At this point three years later, we have each other pretty well figured out, so I think it will go really smooth,” said Paisley.

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