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  • Selena Gomez releases the second single off her new album, a sexy dance number.

    Selena Gomez releases the second single off her new album, a sexy dance number.

    Selena Gomez has dropped the second single off her Stars Dance album and not surprisingly it’s a seductive dance tune with a techno beat. Selena is definitely targeting club kids with her latest offering, “Slow Down.” Rest assured, there’s nothing slow about it.

    Selena is following up her first single “Come & Get It,” which had a more exotic native feel. Although it’s pure pop.

    Click here to see new her album cover and track list!

    The 20-year-old singer also released the cover art and track list for the album. She also ended up bumping elbows with Miley Cyrus who released a single from her new album on the same day as Selena’s

    Dance music is about the hottest thing going right now, and Selena takes dead aim at the market with a far more commercial sound than Miley. As always, the ex-Hannah Montana star is taking more risks with her latest music. Selena is shooting for music’s sweetspot.

    But Selena is also evolving. Just as eager to shed her Disney, “Wizards-of-Waverly-Place” image, she’s been ramping up her sexuality, although not as overtly as Miley. Still, it comes through clearly on “Slow Down.”

    And don’t be fooled, “Slow Down” isn’t about taking a relationship slowly, as some websites have claimed. It’s about getting close on the dance floor to a slow song and hitting the rewind button all night.

    I just wanna feel your body right next to mine
    All night long
    Baby, slow down the song
    And when it’s coming closer to the end hit rewind

    Can’t get any more suggestive than that.

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