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  • Christina Aguilera performed a raunchy dance routine on the UK music show “X-Factor” that was watched by more than 1 million children, shocking the nation and provoking nearly 3,000 complaints. Rihanna’s scantily clad dance on the show was just as bad.

    Both singers appeared on the show the same night last December, prompting an investigation by the UK’s television watchdog, which reported it’s findings today (Apr. 20)

    The organization, known as Ofcom, said Aguilera’s performance was “at the very margin of acceptability” because it aired toward the end of Britain’s family viewing time, according to London’s Daily Mail.

    Rihanna’s performance, in a strapless bra and bikini panties, was judged “not inappropriate,” but only because it aired later in the program outside family viewing hours.

    The censor said both performances contained “clear sexual overtones.”

    In all, the censor said, more than 1 million children watched Aguilera’s racy performance. Another 50,000 children watched it the next day when the program re-aired.

    Aguilera wore an very low-cut black dress and was surrounded by lingerie-clad dancers in a burlesque-style performance.

    While the findings clear the ITV network, which airs the show, the organization said it wants to meet with broadcasters to go over the rules for airing programs, according to the Mail.

    Ofcom said “The X Factor,” is a family show, which has “consistently attracted a significant child audience.”