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  • Rihanna continues to have a rough go in Ireland, showing up 90-minutes late to her second Belfast concert and being greeted by boos. But once she got rockin, she put on a crotch-grabbing, booty-shaking show.

    Rihanna apologized profusely for the delay on Twitter.

    “Belfast, sorry for being later 2nt. Big show first night. Things don’t always go to plan and I dearly appreciate your patience.”

    Calvin Harris who opened for the singer, did his best to keep the 7000 audience members happy, but the crowd moaned and booed as it waited for Rihanna to show up.

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    Some critics charged that Rihanna was drunk for the show, but she denied those claims.

    Rihanna got off to a rough start in the Emerald Isle after she was booted from a farm outside Belfast for doffing her bra and prancing around in a field topless for a video.

    Farmer Alan Graham, who rented his field for the video shoot, thought the scene was inappropriate and asked Rihanna and her crew to leave.

    There reportedly were no hard feelings, but Graham told local newspapers that he has since received a fair amount of hate mail over the incident.

    One critic called him a “Bible bashing maniac,” Graham said.

    The farmer’s protests did make Ireland seem a little parochial, but Graham said he wasn’t bother by the protest.

    “I’m taking it all in my stride,” the farmer told London’s Daily Sun. “It’ll soon die down.”

    Graham said Rihanna fans wanted to buy corn that she had touched during filming, but he declined to sell it.

    “I don’t think I’ll be doing that,” the farmer said. “But maybe I’ll name a type of grain after her.”

    Rihanna continued shooting more scenes for the video and was spotted flirting with model and former boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy, who appears in the video for her single, “We Found Love.”

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