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    Katy Perry, the bubbly effervescent pop singer and Russell Brand, the sour British comedian, have decided to end their marriage in a sad, but not unexpected split. Brand cited “irreconcilable differences.”

    Earlier this month, Brand laughed off the rumors his marriage to the pop diva was on the rocks. But he and Katy took separate Christmas vacations and both were spotted without their wedding rings, fueling tabloid reports of trouble in paradise.

    The separation was reportedly spurred by intense fighting, TMZ reported. “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends,” he said in a statement.

    The couple just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Rumor has it the two had a knock-down drag out fight because Brand was allegedly disrespecting Katy’s parents and their religion.

    Other reports claim that Brand’s naturally sour British personality had started wearing on the usually upbeat pop singer. Still other claim the Brand, 36, has been pressure his wife, 27, to have children.

    Career differences may have played a role as well. Katy just wrapped up her California Dreams tour and is at the top of her game. She just made history by scoring five hits on the Billboard Hot 100 in one year.

    Of course, all of this flies in the face of Brand’s last public appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and revealed that he’s ready to be a dad.

    “I am really happily married,” Brand told Ellen.

    When asked about marital trouble on Ellen, Brand jokingly replied, “What?! She should have told me!”

    “I’m married to Katy,” he continued. “Perpetually, until death do us part was the pledge. I’m still alive.”