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  • Rihanna spreads her hotness overseas in a stunning new photo spread in the British edition of GQ magazine and talks about her life to this point, including Chris Brown and her relationship to rapper Eminem.

    The Barbadian singer made it clear she’s moved on from the Chris Brown mess, even though her latest song, “Love the Way You Lie,” a duet with Eminem, details an abusive relationship.

    Her now infamous ex-boyfriend beat her up on the eve of the 2009 Grammy Awards, where both were scheduled to perform.

    Rihanna became a poster girl for abuse after a horrid photo of her bruised and cut face leaked on the Internet.

    Check out Rihanna’s GQ photos; click to enlarge:

    “Sometimes when you’re on the inside of a relationship like that, you can’t see it clearly for what it is. I left – it was the best feeling. It was so freeing,” she said about the break up.

    “I witnessed it happening to my mum and I said I would never let that happen to me – and then it was happening. Now, when I look back, it bugs me out that I couldn’t see it for what it was,” she says.

    Rihanna said the incident for her also marked a kind of lost innocence.

    “Before that, I was just a little girl from the Island, singing pop music. It was easy to think I didn’t have a problem in the world.

    “Then all of a sudden, boom! everybody realizes that I do have problems.

    “It made me strong. It’s a moment in my life I wish would disappear. In my head, it’s gone,” she said.

    Let’s hope, never to return. Check out her photos below: