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  • Kiely-WilliamslMove over Miley Cyrus. Former Disney child star Kiely Williams has caused an uproar over a new video for her new single “Spectacular.” It’s raunchy song about a reckless one-night stand with a stranger after a night of drinking.

    Williams, 23, who was once a member of Disney group “The Cheetah Girls” is defending the video by claiming she is trying to raise awareness about a “serious women’s health and safety issue.”

    But if that’s the case, the message is obscured by repeated references to spectacular sex in the song’s chorus.

    The video opens with Williams wearing tight black hot pants, and cuts to her downing shots of liquor with a man in a club. It ends up with her lying in bed with the now bare-assed man.

    Williams insists she isn’t condoning casual sex and wants to highlight the problem of girls who fail to use protection during intercourse.

    “I am playing a character in the music video for the song ‘Spectacular,’ as I did in the ‘Cheetah Girl’ movies,” she said.

    “Young women across the country get intoxicated and have unprotected sex. That’s a fact. I recorded the song to bring attention to this frighteningly prevalent activity. It is absurd to infer or suggest that I am condoning this behavior.”

    “Are Lady Gaga and Beyonce advocating murder with the Telephone video? Of course not. Was Rihanna encouraging suicide with ‘Russian Roulette?’ No.”

    “Was Madonna suggesting that young unmarried girls get pregnant with Papa Don’t Preach? I don’t think so.

    “Is Academy Award winner Monique a proponent of incest because of her portrayal of Mary in the movie Precious? Clearly, the answer is no.

    “I wrote ‘Spectacular’ and made the video to bring attention to a serious women’s health and safety issue. Please don’t shoot the messenger,” she said.