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  • Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan sings on the video.

    Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan sings on the video.

    Depeche Mode, one of the bands that rode the music video wave to stardom during the early days of MTV is back with a new video for one of it’s comeback singles “Heaven,” written by frontman Martin Gore,

    Gore has done most of the songwriting over the years. All told, the band has more than 80 songs to its credit, making it one of rock’s most innovative and best selling electronic bands.

    The song will be on the band’s new studio album, the first since Sounds of the Universe, its 12th album. It’s slated for released March 26, along with a 28-page souvenir photo book. The band plans to follow up with a worldwide tour.

    “Writing this album was incredibly daunting as I wanted the sound of this collection to be very modern. It’s just got something magical about it,” said Gore in a statement.

    Frontman Dave Gahan had this to say: “With this release we’ve completely shifted our idea of how to create an album. When we hit a wall where we realize the album is beginning to sound too normal, we’ll mess it up and really give it that organic Depeche Mode sound. Delta Machine is no different, and I can’t wait for all of our fans to hear it.”

    Band members when through several incarnations before gelling as Depeche Mode. It hit another rough spot after their debut album Speak & Spell when one of the founders and songwriters, Vince Clarke, quit in November 1981.

    Gore took over principal songwriting duties and the band soared, selling more than 100 million albums over its lengthy career.

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