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Madonna Latest MDNA Single 'I'm Addicted' Leaks

Madonna is two for two when it comes to songs leaking on the Internet. A snippet of “I’m Addicted,” another single from her upcoming album, M.D.N.A, went viral today (Mar. 6). It’s got a heavy techno-dance beat. The first song off the album, “Give Me All Your Luvin’” went viral in November before it was completely finished, and the Material Girl was said to be “very upset,” according to her manager....
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Madonna Drops Tour Dates, Album Art on Heels of Super Bowl

Madonna got a huge boost for her upcoming tour with her Super Bowl performance. In fact, some critics say the Material Girl turned it into one huge promotion for her upcoming tour and new album MDNA. True to form, while the Super Bowl performance is still fresh in viewers' minds, Madonna announced her tour dates and released the cover art for the album today (Feb. 6) Talk about marketing prowess....
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Madonna First Look Video for Give Me All Your Luvin' (watch!)

Madonna puts her god complex on display in her new video for her Super Bowl song “Give Me All Your Luvin.” She blows though a door in a cloud of mist and relegates Nicki Minaj to an extra. How’s that for power. Madonna, 53, who will provide half-time entertainment for the game’s huge audience, goes with a sports theme in the video. There’s Nicki–briefly–as one of the cheerleaders as the video opens....